Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the Health IT Certification Program

  1. What educational programs qualify for continuing education?
    Any educational program that provides information that is new to you about health information technology or electronic health records is suitable for continuing education, except where you earn a new certification. For example, if you earned the CPHIT and take two new CPEHR courses, you may count this as three hours of CE.

  2. What other activities qualify for continuing education?
    If you author an article, chapter in a book, or conduct a presentation - for which you research information that is new to you about health information technology or electronic health records, each such activity is worth a one time credit of 2 hours of CE. In other words, if you develop a presentation to provide to members of your medical staff about new regulations or new technology, the research for which helps you learn new information, you may apply 2 hours of CE to maintenance of your credential. However, if you deliver the same or similar presentation several times, the 2 hours counts only once: you may not apply any additional hours for any subsequent delivery of the same presentation. Similarly, if you create an article or chapter(s) in a book, its first publication earns 2 hours, but any subsequent publication of the same information does not count.

  3. What activities do not qualify for continuing education?
    Activities which are a required part of your job and are not educational in nature do not qualify; for example, writing a request for proposal, serving as an EHR project manager, or installing an information system do not qualify for continuing education. Activities in which you volunteer to help support standards development, conduct training, write articles, serve on a board of directors, provide mentoring, teach students, or other activities in which you are expected to serve as a subject matter expert do not qualify for continuing education.

  4. How does Health IT Certification, LLC, validate the legitimacy of the continuing educational activity?
    Much as other organizations providing credentialing, Health IT Certification, LLC, relies upon the honor system. It is expected that professionals who ascribe to a code of conduct will represent their continuing education accomplishments honestly. However, Health IT Certification, LLC, reserves the right to request and have supplied evidence of any or all of the continuing education activities in order to validate the activities, should someone file a legitimate complaint. Any challenge to an individual's credentials will be made in a fair and open manner, in which the credentialed individual and challenger must clearly identify themselves to Health IT Certification, LLC, and to each other. Health IT Certification, LLC, will serve as the final arbitrator in any challenge of the validity of any continuing education report.

  5. When does my CE cycle end and when do I have to renew?
    Your first CE cycle ends on the date specified in the letter that accompanied your certificate, and then by December 31st every two years thereafter. You must renew your certification prior to the date your CE cycle ends for you to retain your certification for the next two years.

  6. If I do not renew my certification, can I be reinstated later?
    To restore your certification, you may apply for restoration by completing the required CE hours within one year of expiration of your certification by filing an application and paying a restoration fee of $295. CE hours earned in the immediate year prior to your application for restoration plus those earned within one year of your application may be counted toward the restoration. As an alternative, you may retake the certification exam by paying the examination fee and taking the exam that is in effect at the time of your restoration. Your next CE cycle would start at the time your restoration process was completed.

January 1, 2016

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